Megastar Chiranjeevi to bear expense of ailing artists


Megastar Chiranjeevi to bear expense of ailing artistsMegastar Chiranjeevi has now announced its new philanthropic activity as he donated Rs. 2 Lac for the medical expense of the famous comedian potti Veeraih. Chiru has been doing philanthrposit activities for many years. He came to know that Gundu Hamumantha Rao has not been doing well through the talk show “Ali Tho Saragada”. He donated Rs. 2 Lac for his medical expense as well. Also, few days, chiranjeevi funded Kadambari kiran’s NGO “Manam Saitham” with cheque of Rs. 2 Lac.  This is not the end of philanthropic activities by the Chranjeevi, Senior journalist Pasupaleti Rama Rao whose book “There Venuka Dasari” which just released recently was also funded by him.

Chiranjeevi is well-known in South Indian cinema not only for his acting but also for his big heart. He likes to donate money and help people in need.


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