Kannada movie Johnny Johnny Yes Papa Review Ratings Audience response

Kannada movie Johnny Johnny yes Papa Critics review, ratings and audience response.

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Johhny Johnny Yes Papa is sequel to the moderate hit movie Johnny Mera Naam which came seven years before. The movie was directed by Preetam Gubbi and has main lead actor Duniya Vijay. The duo has not been able to create magic this time it is apparent not much effort has been put to make the second installment of the franchise interesting. They seem to be relying on the moderate reputation of the first installment. Also check here Raid movie Box office collection

Kannada movie Johnny Johnny Yes Papa Review

Kannada movie Johnny Johnny yes papa reviewThe movie has is in the Rainbow colony where Johnny Johny (Vijay) and Pappu (Rangayana Raghu) are running a company titled as Johnny.com where they solve the problems of the people in the Rainbow colony. The concept itself sound tired and commonplace and to make it even worse humor is not even up to the mark. The jokes are absurd and characters sound incompetent to make people laugh. Johnny falls in love and has tough route ahead to make sure that he woos her enough to choose him as a partner. In the process she forgets the dream that she wanted to fulfill and has nourished for long time. The movie lacks good humor and to make it even worse it doesn’t not have a backing of a strong story too.

It is one of those sequels which fails to live up to the hype generated and sadly it looks like it is not going to stay at the box office for long time. The idea of making this movie was to produce a laugh riot and back it up with by providing the good dose of romance. Unfortunately, it fails in both. As far as the supporting cast is concerned, movie gets a good support from the Mayuri Kyatari, Achyuth Kumar, Sadhu Kokila among others.

Negatives about the movie

  • Outdated humor
  • Absurd jokes
  • Weak story

Positives about the movie

Positives are difficult to find.

  • Rachita Ram complements the story with her glamour quotient
  • Supporting artists have done well

Johnny Johnny Yes Papa movie ratings

Verdict: Better Script was required to live up the hype around the movie. Another tiring, outdated story with silly humor. Crunk News gives 2 stars out of five.

  • Film: Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
  • Director: Preetam Gubbi
  • Cast: ‘Duniya’ Vijay, Rachitha Ram, Achyuth Kumar, Rangayana Raghu
  • Critics Rating: 2/5

Stay tuned for the more updates on the performance of this movie at the box office.

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