Death Wish (2018) Movie Cast Crew and Story


Death Wish (2018) is an upcoming American movie releasing on 2nd of March 2018. It is an Vigilante Action film produced under the banner Cave 76. It is directed by Eli Roth and Produced by the Roger Birnbaum.

Death Wish (2018) Movie Cast Crew and Story

Death Wish (2018) movie Bruce WIlls

Death Wish Movie Story and Plot

Death Wish (2018) Movie Cast and StoryDr. Kersely is a surgeon who only sees the aftermath of Chicago Violence until his wife and daughter are viciously attacked in their Suburban home. As police is already overloaded with crime cases Dr. Paul decided to take revenge from the assailants who attacked his family.  He starts killing criminals anonymously and attracted lot of media attention, the city keeps wondering if this this deadly vigilante is an angel or someone else.

Paul Kersely then became a kind of divided personality, A doctor who save lives and person who takes them. A father who takes care of his family and vigilante called “The Grim Reaper” whom detectives are tracking.

Cast of the Movie Death Wish (2018)

Bruce Williams

In this movie Bruce Williams will be seen playing the role of Dr. Paul Kersely who turns into a deadly vigilante seeing the aftermath of Chicago violence in which his wife and daughter were attacked. He is an American actor, producer and singer who is well known for the movies like Look Who is Talking, The Last Boy Scout, The Fifth Element, The Sixth Sense, Looper etc. He has acted in over 60 films.

Vincent D’Onofrio

vincent donofrio in Death Wish He will be seem donning the character of Frank Kersey who is Dr. Paul Kersey is younger brother. He is an American actor singer and producer who has been active in the film industry since 1983. Vincent is well known for his roles in    The First Turn-On!, Full Metal Jacket, Adventures in Babysitting, Naked Tango, The Whole Wide World, Rings, The Magnificent Seven.

Dean Norris

Dean Norris will be seen playing the character of Detective Rains who is trying to figure out the identity of deadly vigilante. He is an American actor known for Portraying the role DEA agent on the AMC series Breaking Bad. Norris has acted in films such as Sons of Liberty, Miss Sunshine, Starship, Terminator 2 etc.

Kimberly Elise

kimberly elise in Death Wish 2018
kimberly elise , A Death Wish Actress

She is another detective in the movie who will be seen donning the role of the Detective Jackson who is partner with detective Rains. She is an American film actress known for the movies such as For colored Girls, Almost Christmas, Mad Black woman, The Great Debaters etc.


Mike Epps

He is an Playboy doctor who is a close friend of the Dr. Paul Kersey and his character name is Dr. Chris Salgado.

Elisabeth Shue

She plays the character titled Lucy Rose Kersey who is a mother of the Jordan and Wife of the Dr. Paul Kersey.

Camila Morrone

She will be the daughter of the Dr. Paul and Lucy who gets attacked during the Chicago Violence.

Beau Knapp

He is playing the main Antagonist of the movie whose character is titled Knox. He is an American actor known for his role in the movies like The Signal, Run All Night and Southpaw. His upcoming projects are Destroyer and Burned which is a short film.

Crew of the Movie Death Wish

Eli Raphael Roth (Director)

Eli Raphael is an American, director producer and writer. He is mostly known for directing and producing horror movies. He is also the director of movies Hostel and Hostel Part II.

Roger Birnbaum (Producer)

He is the producer of the movie who also owns a company Spyglass Entertainment. He has produced some commercially successful movies like Rush hour 2 and The Tourist.

Ludwig Göransson (Music Director)

He is an Swedish composer and record producer. He has composed the music of the movies like Black Panther, Death Wish, Creed, Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King etc.

Release Date of Death Wish (2018)

The movie is expected to release on March 2, 2018.



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