Chhattisgarh CG TET Syllabus and Exam Pattern Released


CG TET Syllabus 2017 and Chhattisgarh Teacher eligibility test exam pattern: CG TET is an entrance examination to test the eligibility of a candidate for the teacher post. If you are looking to get a job in teaching category to teach classes of 1st to 8th, then this is mandatory test for you. There are two papers. Paper 1 is for those who want to teach Class 1st to 5th and for class 6th to 8th there is a paper 2. CG TET is conducted by state government of Chhattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh CG TET Exam Pattern 2017

  • CG TET Syllabus 2017The Test consists of two papers.
  • Candidates who clear the Paper 1 are eligible to teach classes from class 1 to 5th
  • Candidates who qualify Paper 2 can teach classes from 6th to 8th.
  • There will be total of 150 questions in the exam.
  • The duration of the exam will 2 and half hours.
  • Each question will carry one mark.
  • There will be no negative marking in the exam.

Exam Pattern for CGTET-I (Primary Level)

Subject No. of Quest. Marks
1. Child Development and Pedagogy 30(MCQ) 30 Marks
2. Language-1 (Hindi) 30(MCQ) 30 Marks
3. Language-2 (English) 30(MCQ) 30 Marks
4. Math 30(MCQ) 30 Marks
5. Environmental Education 30(MCQ) 30 Marks
TOTAL – 150 (MCQ) 150 Marks

Exam Pattern for CGTET-I (Secondary Level)

Subject No. of Quest. Marks
1. Child Development and Pedagogy (Compulsory) 30 MCQ 30 Marks
2. Language-1 (Hindi) 30MCQ 30 Marks
3. Language-2 (English) 30MCQ 30 Marks
4. Math/For teacher of Science – Math & Science 60MCQ 60 Marks
 5. For teacher of Social Science – Social Science 60MCQ 60 Marks
*For Any other subject teachers Either 4 or 5
TOTAL – 150 MCQ 150 Marks

CG TET Syllabus 2017 Paper 1 and Paper 2 

Syllabus for Primary Level CGTET – I

Child Development and Pedagogy – Introduction to Child Development, Dimensions of Development, Learning and Cognitive Development and Children with Special Need etc.

Hindi : वर्ण विचार, शब्द विचार, शब्द रचना, पद व पद –  भेद, वाक्य परिचय, रचना, बच्चो की भाषाई विकास की प्रक्रिया, बच्चो की भाषाई क्षमता अवं उनका विकास, मूल्यांकन |

English : Comprehension, Pedagogy of Language Development.

Mathematics : Nature of Mathematics, Teaching Learning and Evaluation of Mathematics, Decimal System, Number, Profit and Loss Formula of Calculate Speed, Time and Distance etc.

Environmental Studies :  Understanding on Own Environment, Understanding of Children on Environment, Why to Teach Environmental Studies, Teaching of Social Studies, Environmental Studies and Class room Activities, Family, Care of Ones own Body and Ecological System.

Syllabus for Secondary Level CGTET – II

Child Development and Pedagogy –  Development of Child (Primary School Child), Concept of Inclusive education and teaching children with special needs, learning and pedagogy

Hindi : वर्ण विचार, शब्द विचार, , पद व पद –  भेद, वाक्य परिचय, विराम चिन्ह, विराम चिन्ह – प्रमुख प्रकार, रचना, मुहावरे एवं लोकोक्तियाँ, अपठित गद्दांश, भाषाई कौशलों का अध्यापन |

English : Comprehension, Pedagogy of Language Development.

Mathematics & Science : Nature of Mathematics, Teaching Learning and Evaluation of Mathematics, Exponent & Series, Interest & Time and Distance, Line and Angel & Plane Shapes, Area of Plane Objects, Statistics.

Living Things, Force and Motion and Heat, Light, Sound, Magnetism, Electricity, Science and Technology, Structure of matter, Chemical Substances.

Social Science : Indian Society, Indian Culture and Heritage, Maurya Dynasty and Gupta Dynasty, Bhakti and Sufi Movement, Mughal Dynasty, British Period, Indian Constitute, Regulatory, Executary and Judicial Systems, Earth and its Important Components, Study of India, Chattisgarh – its geographical Condition and resources, History and Culture of Chattisgarh, Pedagogical issues.

If you are looking for the detailed notification regarding the complete Chhatisgarh CG TET Syllabus notification, then click the link given below.

CG TET Syllabus and Exam Pattern Notification Here


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